There’s a new version of LauncherPro in the Android market. Here’s what version brings:

For all users:

  • New: Option to hide apps that you don’t use from the app drawer. Simply go to Preferences > General Settings > Hidden apps — and check the apps that you want to remove from the drawer. After restarting LauncherPro, the apps will be gone from the drawer (you can always get them back by unchecking them on the Hidden apps screen). Besides giving you a cleaner drawer, hiding apps will also save some memory and reduce startup time for LauncherPro, so if you have any apps that you never use, I encourage you to hide them.

For Plus users only:

  • New Bookmarks widget!: The second widget in the series is the new Bookmarks widget. You have two styles to choose from; a thumbnail grid, or a list. Both styles come with wide and narrow sizes too. Here’s some screenshots:


    Since HTC Sense phones don’t store their bookmark thumbnails in a way that’s accessible to LauncherPro, I’ve added an option to fetch the thumbnails for you. So if you have an HTC Sense phone, go into Preferences > LP Widget Settings > Bookmarks Widget and choose “Get missing thumbnails”.

    Also note that this will get bookmarks from your Android shared bookmarks database. We cannot get bookmarks from browsers that store their data privately, so if you’re not using the stock browser or a browser that stores their bookmarks in the shared database, your bookmarks won’t show up in the widget. You’ll have to export them to the shared database (in case your browser gives you that option, such as with Xscope) or manually add them to the stock browser.

    Click here to download the APK file.