LauncherPro v0.8.6 now available!

A new version of LauncherPro is now available in the Android Market!

Here’s what version 0.8.6 brings:

  • NEW – Support for icon packs. You can choose an icon pack in Preferences > Theme Settings > Icon Pack. Information on creating your own icon packs will be posted soon.
  • NEW – Real homescreen looping (enabled by default, you can disable in Preferences > Homescreen Settings > Homescreen Looping).
  • NEW – Option to hide homescreen icon label backgrounds. (Preferences > Appearance Settings > Show Icon Labels Background)
  • Scrolling performance improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with 3rd party scrollable widgets on some HTC phones.
  • Fixed a visual glitch when using Light caches and the “Flip” transition.
  • Fixed hidden apps reappearing when they’re updated.


Click here to download the APK file


If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there. (READ the rules and stickies first!)

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  1. esoeso:


  2. Martin:

    Great news! (as always)

  3. Systematic:

    Hi, i really like that new real homescreen looping. Awesome work.

  4. Brandon:

    Awesome — Still buttery smooth like I remember.

    Sorry to beat this ad infinum, but is there really a complete rewrite coming? I’m still satisfied with the product without one but at this point I’d just like to know.. :)

  5. chris:

    DUUUUUUDE! Thank you so much for this: Option to hide homescreen icon label backgrounds. I love this app.

  6. Tristan:

    next thing u gotta add is customizable icon BGs (adds a unified look to the whole OS)

  7. Tim:

    Thanks for the update.
    When should we see a fix for the facebook widget not refreshing?

  8. NRHTX:

    I tried 3 times today May 17th, 2011 to update from Market and I get this alert.
    Installation error
    Package file was not signed correctly.
    HTC EVO.

    Please help.

  9. philipp:

    Hey Dude,
    Love the Launcher!
    If you want a german translation, mail me and send the english string.xml :)


  10. Jeremy:

    Full homescreen looping and icon labe bg removal = update that was worth waiting for, thanks!

  11. Ray:

    Hey Federico, I know it may be a lame request but could you add in the gingerbread launcher background on next release? That was my question but now I state to you ” LauncherPro kicks the ass of all other launchers! ” as quoted by me.

  12. Zxz:

    Got the pro version and it’s pretty amazing and been using it for well over a year now. Just one question, why is the save and cancel button the wrong way round in Hidden apps!?

  13. Kevin:

    Just great. BTW Brandon the rewrite is still coming. Follow Fede on twitter and you’d know. I had this release via twitter since saturday night. Love the infinite scrolling.

  14. Ninjustin:

    I love the new looping effects but I have a Dell Streak 5 and can no longer disable screen rotation while in landscape view and lock it in place. It reverts to portrait mode now.

  15. James:

    Keep up the good work, man. LP is one of the few apps I’ve felt deserves my money. Love it!

    Btw… I have no problems with the facebook widget ;-)

  16. Greg:

    WOOHOO! I don’t know what you do, but this launcher gets better with each update. I swear, my droid1 has never run better!

  17. clowe:

    Program needs to be able to support all widgets after reboot. After reboot, widgets have to be reposted every time.

  18. Mike:

    Any idea why when my phone restarts launcher pro force closes?

  19. Liam:

    thank you so much fede, can’t wait for the re-write!
    would happily pay again

  20. Sam:

    The best just got even better… now just needs a way to rearange the homescreens n add n delete them…

  21. DJyoSNOW:

    Awsome update… with themes. Though I want to be able to change the icons for the homscreen bottom docking apps?

  22. Steven:

    The update is great but for my phone, (motorola cliq 2) whenever i slide out the keyboard, my homescreen doesnt rotate and stays at portrait

  23. fito:

    gracias por el update fede!

  24. NoOneB4Me:

    I follow the directions on how to get the Facebook LP sense widget set up and I get “error :invalid key “. What am I doin wrong? HD2 T-Mobile US.

  25. Thomas:

    Thank you for this app. It runs very smooth on my Motorola Droid. The drawer scrolling is fast and seamless…. way faster than ADW launcher as I’ve used both extensively. The memory management avaliable is the best yet. Thank you for a great app! A must have for all Motorola Droid owners for peak performance and ease of use.

  26. kholk:

    I don’t think that he’ll publish a rewrite…he’s still adding a lot of features on the current codebase. Porting the features requires work and I don’t think that he wants that MUCH work. Good job anyway.

  27. Kohawk09:

    Great build, only one complaint…. unchecking enable auto rotate automatically sticks it in portrait. I have a dell streak i prefer to lock in landscape, which in previous builds i could do by turning off auto rotate… but that doesnt work anymore for me, it sticks in portrait. Thanks.

  28. Vlad:

    real nice… excelente trabajo viejo

  29. Steven:

    Great work as always Fede. Excited for the rewrite! i know you will impress us all!

  30. Mojito El Banana:

    Hey, great update :-) When can we expect to get our fingers on the re-written version? And is it possible to get rearrangement of icons in the app drawer, like Go Launcher?


  31. Andy:

    Hi…i love your launcher and was the first app I paid for and have bought it for all 3 of my phones. I only have 1 complaint…would it be possible to add more than 7 home screens and more than 3 dock screens as well? I have so many apps and using folders are not cutting it… I have also found that the folders only work half of the time. I am constantly having to restart launchpro to get it to work… I have recently tried Go launcher because of the fact it has unlimited home screens however preffer launchpro…I really want to keep using LP but may be forced to use the other eventually….So please if it not too much trouble…can you please add more screens? Thanks for taking the time to read our comments and keep up the good work sir…


  32. Jon:

    Hi…Your launcher is great! But i cant update! When i try to update to v0.8.6 it says Pakage Not Signed correctly or something like that. When installing via APK, it says Install Failed.


  33. Irontiger:

    Sound good – That’s a great idea. Hope you’ll get it ;)

  34. S3nd41:

    I can’t download any icon packs from the theme menu. There’s only one option and it is “None”, where can I download icon packs from? Are there any available currently? Shouldn’t there be at least a few packs available at the moment of release of that feature?

  35. Bernd:

    Hi… I love your launcher,but it would be nice,if we have the option to change the font size for all widget’s (gmail,sms,facebook,calendar,friendstream) between small,medium and large and for unread mail and sms in bold style or diffrent color, e.g. HTC Sense…. ( HTC Desire)


  36. adam:

    Hey I know you get a lot of requests and things take time but as a new addition it would be cool if you could add the htc sense dock with the sliding screen indicator as a new dock background ir atleast consider it I’m sure ppl would like it. Thanks!

  37. fdkgenie:

    Calendar widget (LP plus) hasn’t fixed, it still doesn’t refresh to ignore passed event. I have to restart LP to get this.

  38. Mick George:

    Force close every time on Xoom / Honeycomb. Had to go back to 0.85

  39. yken:

    Can we change appdrawer background and add a wallpaper?

  40. daevidt:

    Hi! This update makes this launcher perfect. just one small bug that on phone restart I have to restart LauncherPro. GalaxyS, 2.2.1, payed version. I’d gladly volunteer for writing a Hungarian translation. mail me if interested. :)

  41. alex:

    Since the last update, the home screen does not rotate when sliding out the keyboard. Otherwise, great launcher. Please fix. Droid2.

  42. asero:

    Great update but force closing on real home screen looping. Using 4 screens.

  43. wideopn11:

    I love this launcher and the new features. With the new skin capability, I would like to have the ability to apply a skin to all widgets in one click rather than each one individually. Would also like to be able to select different or multiple email accounts besides just gmail in the LP widgets. Thanks for a great launcher.

  44. bahrtasai:

    Where do we get icon packs that show up under the themes section? @Andy: I suggest folder organizer for categorizing apps. It’s $2.99US, but well worth it.I wouldn’t be without it.

  45. Andy:

    Since the update, whenever I try to change dock icons, I get a force close. (DHD) Anyone else get this?

  46. TimeLincoln:

    I really just want the horizontal app drawer, that would complete my experience. Bought LPP with the hopes it might encourage you to implement that feature. It seems like its been in the works/on the todo list for a long time now and I would love to see it completed.

  47. Abbey:

    Same problem Pakage Not Signed correctly!!!

  48. Chris:

    What is his user name on twitter?

  49. Job:


    Wow scrolling is really fast, however could you fix the homescreen preview?

    Seriously this animation needs some remake!

  50. pepe:


  51. Jay:

    @Andy… have you tried Folder Organizer Lite? Using it has managed to cut way back on the number of screens I need. You can create fully customized folders, its never FC’ed on me, and they constantly update it. Not to mention, you can place them in your dock, and not have to clutter up your homescreens. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest checking it out! :-)

  52. Jared:

    How do you use the icon packs? In the options it says theme, but I don’t understand how to install the icon packs or where to get them. Is it just like replacing the dock and icons?

  53. kvarga:

    Nice loop update!
    No longer autorotates when keyboard is open on Milestone. :(

  54. Varemenos:


  55. Rob:

    Anyone else having problems with applying themes to widgets. The menu pops up but is invisible… I have to guess what I am pressing. HTC Hero CM7

  56. minh:

    It won’t let me move off the last home screen….other buttons won’t work for a few minutes…please fix

  57. Brandon:

    As others have mentioned with their Dell Streaks, my Droid has the same problem in that opening the physical keyboard no longer rotates the homescreen.

    The only way to get it to rotate is to enable Auto-Rotation in LP, but I don’t want the homescreen to rotate unless I open the keyboard. Enabling Auto-Rotation on LP but disabling it on the phone’s Display settings allows the homescreen to only rotate when the keyboard is open, but then my apps, messaging, etc doesn’t rotate (it was just a test to see what the result would be).

  58. Antony V:

    Great launcher. Just want the following options to make it even more appealing to many who go for ADW and GO Launchers. I have listed the below:

    1. Ability to change icons of applications on the home screens
    2. Ability to drag and switch the position of apps on the dock easily rather than selecting change shortcut every time
    3. Ability to size the icons on the dock. The icons on the dock look really really small compared to the ones on the home screen. Not many people mind this but it would give the ability to tweak a little bit
    4. Horizontal scroll option in the app drawer
    5. Ability to adjust transparency / opaqueness of app drawer background. Not a big fan of pure black
    6. Ability to create groups within app drawer to easily show / hide apps within app drawer

    That’s all..hahahhaha…I have been using LP+ for a long long time and will stick with it.

  59. Joni:

    Anyone know what type of icon packs can be used?? Most of the market says can only work with adw launcher and when I download them, launcher pro doesn’t recognize. Any help would be great.

  60. TC:

    Great…looking forward to the re-write version.

  61. andrei:

    If you would make the ability to edit app names on the homescreen, it would make the launcher truly perfect :)

  62. Fulvio:


  63. Matt:

    As others have posted, my homescreen will not go to landscape anymore when I slide my keyboard open unless I have the auto-rotation setting on, which I don’t like because the sensor can be kind of sensitive. If there is any way to fix this, let us know!

  64. Jay:

    Guys, I don’t think there are any icon packs available yet… Fede hasn’t released the template yet (I’m waiting on it too because I’d like to make some icons). If you have CM7, you should see some icon changes in the app drawer if you’re using a Theme Chooser theme, but for now, that seems to be about it. I haven’t heard whether or not the icon packs will also skin dock icons or not, but I’d assume that will all be integrated into the full theme engine eventually …

  65. Aie:

    It would be nice to add the possibility of disabling the widget resizing feature.

    I could just enable it when I really need resizing one. It happens quite often that the widget resizing activates unwillingly, it might just be me…

  66. Ashley:

    How do you get themes all I get is defalt..

  67. Mariux:

    Federico, please release a guide for icon packs, the developers need this.. actually I assume that it correctly takes ADW Themes icons, but how to make a proper pack?

    I’ll release my Tron Legacy icon pack as soon as you release the guide!

  68. erial:

    Good! but I use two days, I found a problem. I use task switcher for home button, and I push home twice, I go to launcher pro. It works good for last version, I set keep memory option. But on this version, it seems doesn’t work. Please check that option. Thanks. ^^

  69. NRHTX:

    I have been noticing that the app has be force closing on my HTC EVO. I have notice this when disconnecting from my PC.

    Sometimes when installing apps it also slows down.

  70. NRHTX:

    OK I finally got the alert to show.

    Activity launcherPro (in application launcherPro) is not responding.

  71. John:

    The ADW themes work for LP+, at least mine do and I used the ADW template to make them.
    Be aware that a lot of the ADW themes don’t use actual icons but apply color adjustments and background images to the exiting icons.
    LP+ doesn’t appear to change the dock icons when you apply a theme though.

  72. Moe:

    Awesome Launcher, is there any way you could add the simple feature of “quick reply” in the message widget, instead of having to go into my message app everytime. Go Launcher just came out with that and without that they have nothing on you.

  73. Arno:

    I have the same problem. Ever since I updated to the latest version I often notice that LauncherPro has been unloaded and needs to restart, which takes about 10 seconds or so. During this time I cannot see the home screens.

    I also use a task switcher (Visual Task Switcher Free by ESD Mobile, to be exact) and have to press Home twice to return to the home screen.

    In previous versions the “Keep in memory” setting worked just fine, right now it doesn’t seem to have the desired effect anymore.

    Other than that, of course I’m a happy user of LauncherPro.

  74. Joseph:

    Every time I unlock my phone it seems to freeze for about 10-20 seconds cause launcher pro seems to be not responding then options pop up saying force close , wait, or report can u please fix it some how

  75. divicos:

    I report the same problem then in comment #3..

    Opening the slide keyboard in Motorola Milestone no longer rotates the homescreen in landscape.
    Hope will be fixed soon, cause it is quite annoying..

  76. Pedro:

    I wouldnt mind the ability to be able to turn on my phone with out having to do a force close.

    Try sorting that one out please.

  77. Tynan:

    I installed the latest upgrade through the market. Every since my phone says the launcher has stopped please try again. I am unable to break out of this loop. Please help as my phone is currently useless.

  78. napes22:

    I keep seeing people ask about changing the icon and/or name of the app on home screens. This feature exists! Add a shortcut to the home screen by long pressing or using the “Add” context menu. Once you select the application you want to add, it allows you to change the icon and name.

  79. Ramelo27:

    CAN i please get more home sceens and folders where i can view the apps inside…. that’s all I want Fede…other than that keep up the good work!!!!

  80. Coolsax:

    The ONE thing that I’m finding almost a necessity is after coming from a different launcher is the addition of gesture launching for anywhere on the screen. Slide up near the middle of the screen and be able to open an application, like the phone.

    It would also be nice to be able to change app names on the homescreen.

  81. uranusbeta:

    bug report

    when turning off the “enable aotorotation”, landscape view cannt be activated after sliding out the qwerty keyboard, and the display remains awkwardly portrait.
    gear: milestone 2.1

  82. bete3486:

    Best home app ever, but It seems to have a problem. When I adjust speed of the app drawer’s opening/closing effect as instant and last row is filled less than four apps, part of the dock appears at the lower part of the screen.

  83. Werner:

    Since the latest update my launcherpro plus keeps on freezing my HTC wildfire had to uninstall

  84. xsharkx:

    I am currently using ADW
    When I saw launcherpro, it is so cool.
    But I have two suggestions:
    1. a list of all applications can be set to the background color or use transparent or translucent images.
    2. to change the list view mode, for example: horizontal scrolling by page.

    Looking forward to the next version has more powerful

  85. jaap:

    Horizontal scroll option in the app drawer +1

  86. kochan10:

    Unfortunately still FC on start-up everytime LP+ is set as default launcher. Problem disappear if i don’t have any apps installed on my external SD. Has anybody figured out how to fix it? Otherwise than move all apps to internal memory (which is not an option) / HTC Legend, CM 7.0.3

  87. Super Series:

    Same with #20 i encountered a lot for close previous version is more stable with me

  88. SharingSmoke:

    Running 2.1 on HTC Eris
    I had to return to 8.5 after experiencing constant lag when retuning to the home screen. Really bummed, was enjoying true home screen looping and looking forward to trying icon packs.

  89. blackhole454:

    I am having the same issue a few Streak and Milestone users are reporting. Turning off auto rotate causes my phone to stay in landscape when I slide out my keyboard (droid 2). It seems to recognize that I’m opening my keyboard, since the icons and widgets flash reload like they did in the previous version when it was switching orientation, but then it stays in portrait.

  90. locus:

    I would like to get horizontal scrolling on the app drawer. In the next version please.

  91. basta25:

    since the last update, the Homescreen reloads evertime i press the homebutton or back button. I changed nothing in settings. :(
    The real loop is great. :)

  92. Adrian:

    Hi. Once again thks for this great launcher. I paid and used this as the pro widgets are awesome. However j have problem logining into facebook widget. Pls do something about it thks!!!

  93. OBA:

    Elastic slide occasionally failure.
    go launcher do better.
    Please reference.

  94. adin2001uk:

    using quickpic gallery viewer to pick up dock PNG files causes launcherpro to force close. fix please.

  95. brunoscunha:

    I get Invalid signature

  96. Nikki:

    Ever since the new update came out when I slide my qwerty keyboard out the home screen doesn’t turn into landscape, it stays as if my keyboard isn’t open at all. It got so annoying I deleted the launcher pro app. I initially thought it was a hardware issue so I did a hard reset then realized it was launcher. Please fix this! Samsung Epic

  97. Mike:

    I love this app, but ever since the update I have had serious lag returning to the homescreen and the widgets take an eternity to load when I restart the phone…like a good 15 minutes. I am using a Droid X

  98. Fernando:


    Since the last update, sometimes is slow to change screens.

    You must restart the Launcher PRO to return to work normally.


    Can you help me ??


  99. Shami:

    I love the application, but since the last two updates, launcher pro keeps force closing and the app drawer gets stuck.
    I am using an optimus 2x.

  100. Jocke:

    Well that’s not only the problem my launcerpro want’s to force close all the time and i have tryed to reinstall it still the same problem. I have sent an report on this and typed it on the market and now here :P so will there be any uppdates on this or what?
    It’s really iritating.


    As others have mentioned with their Dell Streaks, my Droid has the same problem in that opening the physical keyboard no longer rotates the homescreen.
    The only way to get it to rotate is to enable Auto-Rotation in LP, but I don’t want the homescreen to rotate unless I open the keyboard. Enabling Auto-Rotation on LP but disabling it on the phone’s Display settings allows the homescreen to only rotate when the keyboard is open, but then my apps, messaging, etc doesn’t rotate (it was just a test to see what the result would be).

  101. Fab:

    If u have problems while log in in the facebook widget delete the facebook app and all will be finde, after login u can restore the facebook app

  102. Calvin:

    Not sure where to really post this but can someone please help. I flashed a honeycomb theme and for some reason, it downgrades my version to 0.8.3. I purchased the pro key but it does not unlock the launcher, maybe because i purchased the newer version? Can I get a unlock code for this? How do i contact them? Thank you. email is if anyone knows a solution.

  103. Po0yAn:

    ver. 8.5.0 had more responsive and smoother back to the last version after trying the 8.6.0 since the BETA.
    nexus s with cm7 and superaosp.(tested the versions with both roms)

  104. Dave:

    Have noticed a bug with LP (after ages of not using it). If i switch the notification bar to be hidden and lock my screen, the screen will not sleep even when instructed (re-awakes instantly).

  105. Dave:

    Also this is on SGS

  106. Tony :):

    Ehy!! I’m running CyanogenMod 7 on the Cliq XT. I’m coming from Launcher Pro Plus 0.8.5, and I’d like to install this Launcher Pro Plus 0.8.6. I’ve already downloaded it, but I can’t install it. I see “Application don’t installed”
    What can I do?? :(

  107. saperdoodle:

    Every time I update an application, launcherpro force closes! Can U fix it? It’s rather annoying!

  108. Rob:

    I’m also noticing this. It is happening quite frequently and is affecting performance. I believe the prior version also had a few force closes, but this current version is doing it more.

  109. Magda:

    I have the same problem than comment #53. I have bought the launcher pro and it shows installed but I don’t see any change in my phone. I’ I’ve already downloaded it, but I can’t install it. What is the next step?

  110. Brad:

    When I put shortcuts to SD-installed Apps in a folder on a homescreen, the icon is just a generic Android icon.

  111. vaibhav:

    Please add app drawer transition effects in next update!

  112. izaias:

    Good day I am having trouble activating the physical keyboard of my motorola xt300 the screen fades and then comes back very slowly
    Just remember that with others it does not happen Launchers
    peopl your help

  113. Smit:

    Hey, I have been having issues with my Launcherpro Plus Widgets (Twitter and Facebook). Neither one will load at all, the loading wheel shows that it loads for one second and then just the wheel. I even redid the login for both several times, but still wouldn’t work. Is it my phone (Droid 2) or the Launcherpro Plus?

  114. Cam:

    Can help me out? First I love your app but every time I am go into an app say like Twitter and I push the home button on my Droid 1 to go back to my default home screen, launcher pro resets and I have to wait for everything to loaid on my home screen. The same thing happens to the app drawer. All my apps have to reset themselves. Its not Twitter it does that. Its every time I am on an app and I push the home button on my phone. Is there an option that o can use to stop that? Thanks!

  115. Frank Katz:

    Gmail widget would be better if the latest mail in this series was visible not the first

  116. Dhiraj Kaile:

    I have a paid version of launcher pro plus. After the last upgrade, if I keep the enable rotation unchecked, the screen does not change orientation even when I open the keyboard, as it used to previously. Kindly correct this bug. I don’t want the screen to change orientation when the keyboard is closed but only when I open the sliding keyboard. My phone is Samsung EPIC 4G.

  117. Dimitris:

    Still waiting for the screen rearrange option on LP (and of course the rewritten version)…

  118. Tony :):

    I’m Agree with comment #55 of the second page!
    I CAN’T install it!
    What can we do??
    Please, answer us (:

  119. carafaja:

    I cannot backup the setting to SD-Card. Please fix it.

  120. Asif:


    I really like LauncherPro and i have even purchased the unlocker key as well. So far all i need is a swipe down and swipe up action bindings in Launcherpro. Is there any plan of adding this functionality to LauncherPro.


  121. Ingrid:

    Love the launcher and all customisable settings. Could you add “move to SD” or is that included in Plus version? What would be the added features on the Plus version?
    Also screen goes black for up to 20 sec. when I try to add shortcut/widget to homescreen and has force closed several times during this black out as well (bug?).

  122. raghu:

    After the update the launcher pro crashes…galaxy s

  123. Hellogoodbye:

    Please add the ability to change the size of the icons, the bottom panel, and add the application menu on the left or right side of the scroll bar on the alphabet (for faster searching for installed applications), Thanks!) PS: it’s Google translator, I am Russian =)

  124. Martin Stoyanov:

    Probilem with update from Market on Floyo v0.20
    : Installation error – Package file was not signet correctly.

  125. Ray:

    Launcher Pro is a nice app that I recommend but when pinching my Evo to see all screens, select screen then immediately pinch again, it does not work. Have to wait 7 seconds or more then pinch a second time. I wish sense icon would show unread count for all emails ie. Gmail, MSN, Verizon…all together!

  126. Weaklund:

    Hi, i wonder about the calendar widget…
    It shows all my calendars at once…. can i somehow change some howe change so that it only shows only one of my calendars?

  127. Weaklund:

    Hi, i wonder about the calendar widget…
    It shows all my calendars at once…. can i somehow change so that it only shows only one of my calendars?

  128. Sicklysuite:

    Thanks for this release Fede, as always smoothest launcher replacement out there. Has anyone noticed the gmail widget won’t update with the refresh button? Mine doesn’t…….

  129. sebastian:

    federico felicitaciones en optimus one corre genial. lo que no se aun es el uso de icon theme pack. algun videoo…??? saludos

  130. Mark:

    Hidden apps is broken in Gingerbread! Any fix for that?

  131. TEM:

    Moto Verizon DroidX, 2.2.1, Rooted. Using LP Pro 0.8.6
    1. Many times (but not always) when the phone changes from landscape to portait view LP will freeze up then LP reboots.
    2. Occasionally, when accessing the application list the application icons do not show or just a few show. To fix this I have to reboot the phone.
    3. Google maps has a tendency to create some confusion with LP as the phone will freeze up then LP reboots.
    Haven’t purchased the premium version yet as I was hoping the issue would be fixed in the new version.
    I’ve posted in the forum, but no response. The app would be nice, IF it worked. #FAIL

  132. Khairul Rizal:

    It is the Launcher Pro Plus… Im having troubles with the facebook widget too.. The moment i removed the FB widget, everything went back to normal

  133. vudugan:

    I can no longer leave comments through facebook widget since Gingerbread update on Droid X,says successful but not posting.

  134. raduran:

    I am having the same issue with the Facebook widget. It is not posting my comments or displaying any other comments made by other people. I use the HTC thunderbolt and the most current version of launcher pro.

  135. David:

    Any fix yet for the error message “Pavkage data not signed corretly” when installing from market? Also sfter downlosding from dev site snd installing, simply says “Application not instslled”. Xperia Play running Gingerbread.

  136. oliver:

    can i buy it with paypal?

  137. Bhupen Gaitonde:

    Dear Dev.
    This launcher is the best of all the paid and free launchers available in the market. Now can you provide K-9 Mail support for notifications? And also provide new Icon for it too.

  138. Aaron:

    I am having the same problem. Comments don’t show up under Facebook or Friends widget. I have factory restored my phone and reinstalled Launcher Pro but still nothing. Samsung Epic 4g

  139. ymp:

    i can’t see comments on facebook widget.

  140. Ben:

    I have the same issue on my Motorola Droid 1. I only want the home screen to change orientation when I open the keyboard or place the phone in its dock; prior to the recent update, that’s how it operated.

  141. br3nt:

    alot of people don’t know but, if you do a battery calibration, it usually fixes alot of issues with launchers and smoothness of your rom…. tmobile g2…

  142. Fahmi:

    I just update my firmware to android 2.3.3 on 3/6/2011. After the update, i can’t automatically see my call history when i press ‘phone’ button.i need to press any keypad number and than backspace or press menu and select call history to see the call history (no missed or received call, only dialed history) that not happen to the older firmware 2.2.1. HTC Desire HD

  143. your fans:

    Can you develop a mini-version? No Plugin and No widgets ?

  144. Mike McGovern:

    Regardless of my settings in Facebook, I’m receiving app notifications in the Facebook widget. PLEASE ADVISE!! Its cluttering valid posts and its becoming increasingly frustrating. I have restarted launcherpro, rechecked settings on FB with no resolve. This just started with last update. I do not receive app notices with other FB apps or on the website itself. Thank you in advance for your attention yo this matter! Ur program has transformed the way I use my phone! I am pleased with it otherwise.

  145. jetdel:

    pls make adjustment for sgs2 the crop in picture is not working when you choose a picture….

  146. bill:

    im haven a problem with the pandora icon dissapearing from the widget drawer. Then it says problem downloading widget. I have to uninstall it then reinstall it an it shows back up. Samsung infuse 4g thanks bill

  147. SC:

    Actually this happens on other Launchers as well after updating to 2.3.3 – it’s not just LauncherPro – anyway just long press on the phone symbol and assign/change the shortcut to something else temporarily ( doesn’t matter what ) – then change it back to the phone application and everything should be back to normal.

  148. justin:

    When will there an update for gingerbread

  149. Joey:

    I’m loving this app. Can there be an option to select the calendars from gmail to show in the calendar widget? It always show everything from google calendar. This is why I still have to use other calendar widgets from the market which slows down my phone. I love the smooth appearance of your calendar widget, I just need to select which calendar to show. Thanks

  150. Piemo:

    Hi, the work is going better, in next version should add a tweak or a check (think is very simple) to decide how to lock the homescreen (portrait, landscape, accelerometer sensitive)

    Thanks and good work

  151. Aaron:

    Love your launcher man. Only neg comment I have is Facebook widget has a lot of issues..example you set the interval at 15 mins it doesn’t refresh and have to update it manually.. Not all posts show up from my friends. The comments from the top news show up but not from most recent updates. and last an option to change the font color in the widgets..Samsung Epic 4g ….Thank you for a great launcher..

  152. vudugan:

    Regarding my post 134, did a factory reset and now fb widget is posting comments and likes again! Still patiently awaiting the rebuild.

  153. Doug:

    Any chance you will be able to fix the GB force close issue a lot of people seem to be having?

  154. izaias:

    I’m having trouble opening the physical keyboard of my motorola xt300 the screen off and turns back

  155. your fans:

    Could you develop a small-mini-version ? No Plugin and No widgets ?
    Thanks a lot!

  156. Martrin:

    I would like to have LangerPros widget, without the Lancher itself!

  157. alex:

    good software

  158. witolszewski:

    Hello, im user of pro version, updated it today and found big (as for me) BUG! On my Moto Milestone2 aafter sliding slider the desktop doesnt rotate to horisontal, while apps like dolphin browser does! Im not using auto-rotate, just allowing to screen rotate after sliding keyboard so its REALLY annoying, please at least give us oportunity to switch this on/off if its a” feature”

  159. SH:

    Gmail widget is unusable because it keeps gmail app from loading other labels besides the inbox.

    Showstopper bug, needs fixing!

  160. Saint Dragon:

    Can you release its Chinese edition?

  161. Dean Detton:

    Uninstalled LP to check out the default UI after updating the OS and want to reinstall without paying for it again. How do I do that?

  162. Aeron:

    is this a website about LP sense or LP?

  163. Universaljoint:

    Paid user of 0.8.6 here, running Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread – cyanogen mod 7) Gmail dock unread notification is not working. Launcherpro Gmail widget is not working either (says “loading”, doesn’t fetch any messages) Please fix, as this is a big part of the reason why I bought your app.

  164. pgfdw:

    It’s time to update to v0.8.7.

  165. greeny:

    Can this be use on a Asus Transformer 10.1 tablet running Honeycomb 3.1?

  166. Roberto:

    Is it possible to configure the Messaging widget to show only unread sms?
    If not, could you implement that?


  167. Al Terrell:

    Has consideration been given to increase home screens to Max out at 10?

  168. tonyo:

    using latest release of LP. Using Gingerbread 2.3.4 on MIUI Rom. Direct dial shortcuts cause the entire phone to freeze and reboot.

  169. Tom:

    Please add multi-panel view order change to Pro Plus. In touchwiz you can change the order of the menus but for some reasons I cannot do the same in LauncherPro Plus. Thanks guys! Great programming!

  170. noname:

    Hello . I am using QVGA Android Phone.
    I setting to [Debugging]->[Display memory usage] .
    Memory usage displayed at Home screen.
    But the display protrudes because the screen of QVGA is small.
    I want to display the font of the character small.

    Launcher Pro 0.8.6


  171. Daniel Martin:

    is there going to be a launcher pro optimized and designed for honeycomb [3.0] with more features and options . cause the normal LP makes it look more like a phone and not a tab

  172. Luigie gonzalez:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’m having the same issue. I love the calendar widget, but now it’s showing the annoying Facebook birthdays of everybody.. which makes it very difficult to see what I really need to do during the day!!!
    Please let me know how can I select to use just my google calendar.
    I set it up already in the calendar app from my HTC Sensation, but the Launcher widget still shows Facebook birthdays as well..
    Please help !!

  173. JAMES:

    Support for DROID x 2

  174. Dibbie:

    I’m using Oxygen Mod on HTC Desire and I was getting a lot of lag with 8.6 but wasn’t convinced that it was LP related. Went back to standard UI which didn’t freeze or lag. Rolled back to LP 8.5 which is running without lag. Looks like there’s something lurking in the code that isn’t sitting right. It’s still an awesome launcher so this isn’t a complaint, just an observation ;)

  175. Prasanth Philip:

    Works like a charm on my Galaxy S2. Really nice app and adds some much needed functionality to the S2…

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

  176. AGA7:


    I was just wondering if you are ever considering making the icon size larger? I feel like there’s a lot of space wasted in between the icons. Cheers and thanks for the great app!

  177. Brian:

    With the next update I think it would be awesome to have the ability to add custom fonts to the widgets, at least the header (title) of the widget I think with the skinning option custom fonts would make LPP stand high above the rest. Brian

  178. Sean:

    it wont restart!

  179. Doug:

    Dl’ing it now! Thank you!!!!!

  180. Scott K:

    I have the latest version of LauncherPro Plus on my Sprint HTC Hero running CyanogenMod 7.0.3. It will not display my unread Gmail Count in the dock, even though it is selected in the settings to do so. It will display unread text message count…but not Gmail? Any help, please?!

  181. Tony :):

    You MUST put in the 0.8.7 version the Horizontal App Drawer (like Iphone) :D DDDD

  182. jdog_12345:

    The facebook widget needs to filter out facebook game stuff. If it did that the app would be nearly perfect. Samsung Charge.

  183. xxbishopxx:

    On the next update it would be awesome if we could group the apps in the drawer-screen!

  184. rideck:

    que tengo que configurar para cuando salga de una aplicación regrese al menú y no al modo reposo o primer plano?

  185. rideck:

    parrafo> aplicacion
    imprimacion > primer
    no se porque me cambio las letras :S

  186. Arek:

    Hi I bought a launcher pro plus but after 2 seconds to download download and no longer unlocks the launcher. Please help

  187. Dmitry Andreev:

    Can you add count for missed voice mails and new NOT GOOGLE (outlook active-sync) mails ?

  188. Fredrik:

    I would like a google plus stream widget just like the facebook widget you made =)

  189. aiaiyaya:

    Hi. Love ur app. Id like to request a feature. Can u make it so that the folders we created arrange stuffs alphabetically. Thanks.

  190. chykal:

    When I have the Gmail Widget up in LP+ I cannot get the native Gmail app to load labels or complete a search. I remove the widget and both work fine. Amazing that this is the only problem I have had with LP+ in almost a year of running + and well over a year running LP across 3 different Android phones. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Thank You for the great launcher.

  191. Betty Broyles:

    I paid for launcher pro. I received a new phone. How do I get launcher pro plus back without paying for it again.

  192. Craigerade:

    You need to add a news feed widget like in sense, add a google + widget, add google plus to friend stream, and the people widget needs to import facebook photos.

  193. Michael:

    I think that you should add Google+ to The Widget, and Friend Stream. That’d make everything much better! And Maybe If You Could Add Google Voice Texting To The Messaging Widgets? Thanks

  194. Brooks Temple:

    I purchased LP+ butlast version won’t allow to lock rotate in landscape. Please fix for tablets.

  195. vudugan:

    Hope we see a google+ widget!

  196. yangtse:

    this is a good version

  197. YLee:

    Hi, good job with you Launcher Pro!
    I really enjoy using it.

    BTW, one problem: it seems icons forget their positions inside folder windows – they are randomly re-arranged when folders arr opened – not always, but whenever phone’s rebooted or sometimes when locked & unlocked.
    I even tried doing LPP settings backup/restore but no help.

    Could you pls look into this??? – so icons inside folder stay put and do not shift their order?? It’s really driving me nuts : <


  198. YLee:

    Oh BTW, it’s LPP 0.8.6 on gingerbread 2.3.3 android (stock/unrooted) on Galaxy S2

  199. anxn:

    still crashed again & slow load in my phone. fix it please, because i really love this app

  200. juniOr android:

    nice launcher …:-)

  201. alan ortiz:

    it wold be grate if you add suport for transparency on status bar :-)

  202. Turducken:

    +1 for Horizontal scrolling. It’s all that’s missing.

    This is my favorite Launcher. However, my list of apps is growing and the vertical scroll is no longer very efficient.

  203. Turducken:

    That’s the framework not the launcher!

  204. thomas salyers:

    Very nice! Xperia Play

  205. Walter Singletary:

    There should be an option of locking launcherpro into landscape, some people like landscape better, i think that would be cool.

  206. A.Mana:

    bug? if homescreen looping and screen indicator both enabled, indicator disappear when looped.

  207. damian:

    i like the software very muck and than you give us the gerat softwares.

  208. Dave:

    If you’re having issues downloading or installing you need to download home switcher, switch to a different launcher, uninstall launcher pro, install the update file. Why the hell has no-one ever posted this before. Seems like the inability to actually use the product would be a number one concern.

  209. matt:

    Is there a way to customize the dock icons like the phone icon an messaging icon? Actually all the static icons on the bottom of the home screnn? They just look so grey an genaric

  210. Yannis:

    I would like it very much if when i unlock my phone would take me to the preview screen

  211. Terry:

    Can you make a new version with the ability to rearrange

  212. sam:

    Please add the option to use horizontal scrolling in the app drawer with the ability to move the apps

  213. James:

    I was wondering when a new update was coming out? Is there going to be anything new?

  214. ryan raven:

    The Facebook widget needs to show who and how many people liked a status. Needs to show peopled profile pictures next to comment. Needs to show how many comment there are and likes on the widget home page.

  215. hamed:

    previous version was better cus it was free

  216. bobbydigital:

    Love app but having trouble with icon images disappearing

  217. bobbydigital:

    Having trouble using phone when connected to charger.

  218. razvan06:


  219. ranggi.nang:

    Doesn’t work at optimus me P350

  220. lacshay shekhar:

    First of all, AWESOME launcher…best one without a doubt
    But needs update on APP DRAWER settings…horizontal scrolling and custom background

  221. Mathieu:

    I was about to buy the license for full version before realizing this was not even an existing feature… yes you should definitely add this feature… and I’ll buy it…

  222. z:

    I have a problem with the dialer during and after a call. The screen will not return after a call or removing from face. Are there any patches for this problem.

  223. Chris:

    Have same problem as z. Could really do with that patch.

  224. Klaus:


    I’d have a problem when unlocking the mobile, I just can see the dock, everything else, keeps black, till I change the screen and come and then come back, also when in applications if I change the orientation (portrait or landscape), all icons disappear and just one is visible though looks like that all icons are on top of each other. I have one GS with Android 2.3.4 (Rooted). Apart from those issues I have issue with created folders, some some unknown reason, after some time they stop to work, and I can see the icon, though it doesn’t respond to any touch (just moving it to the trash), but doesn’t open, and to fix it it’s necessary drag it to the bin and create an other folder.

  225. Chevita87:

    For when a spanish versión?????

  226. Name (required)Matthew:

    Please add Google+ to the Launcher widgets!

  227. fredphoesh:

    Google+ PLEASE!
    Thanks, Mark.

  228. Jimmy:

    I like it

  229. Irish1:

    Love launcher pro plus… I have a brand new amaze 4g and I still run lpp over the awesome htc sense 3.0

    But my comment / question is this… People are getting kind of nasty on the comment section in android market, calling lp and lop “abandon-ware”. A full update would surely shut these people up :)

    Is there any chance that more updates will be coming soon or should all of your lp and lop users start to look elsewhere for home launcher options?

    Thanks Fede for all the work you’ve done, hope we see some updates or even a full rewrite soon!

  230. Franz:

    I’m getting a “sh:pm not found” message when trying to install an APK.

    Could this be due to the Launcher?


  231. Darren:

    Hello, I love this app and would like to buy it, however I’m having an issue make LaunchPro my default launcher. Everytime I tap my HOME key it reverts back to the basic App Launcher. Also, LaunchPro is not appears in my apps list. If you instruct me how to make “LP” my default launcher the 2.99 is well worth it.. thank

  232. Marco:

    every time I start up my galaxy s with launcher pro, it doesn’t respond for a while and then launcher pro crashes. It has been always this, since I installed the first version. could you fix that? if you need more details just ask!
    thank you!

  233. Bokan:

    Hello I just want to know is there any way to buy launcherPro plus in Serbia?
    I really like launcherPro and I would like to use launcherPro plus.

  234. Don:

    I would like the ability for the event calender to set things for every two Weeks. Very surprised its not an option

  235. Lee:

    it has bugs when app drawer auto-rotates

  236. fedor:

    Still experiencing issue with folders not reopening if closed by means other than the “x” or by hitting back. I have an HTC Droid incredible. If the folder is closed when I go to the home screen from an app I have to restart launcher pro for it to work again.

  237. farib:



    +1 !!!

  238. niceman:



    i want to next version…please!!!

  239. Adarsh695:

    This app is really amazing man… But still waiting for LP 0.8.7 with option to customize icons in app drawer.

  240. Sam:

    How come I cannot find Direct Dial under Shortcuts when I long press on the homescreens?

  241. Mr.buun:

    I found one bug. As for dock bar icon setting,castom icon is lost when LP is restarted. If icon is set as shortcut,icon is not lost. However custom icon with only swipe gesture setting (without shortcut setting) is lost by LP restart.
    Please confirm,and improve app.

  242. kindle fire force close.:

    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.fede.launcher/com.fede.launcher.Launcher}: java.lang.NullPointerException
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at$1500(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at$H.handleMessage(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at android.os.Looper.loop(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at$
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at com.fede.launcher.Workspace.e(Unknown Source)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at com.fede.launcher.Launcher.onCreate(Unknown Source)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 9960): … 11 more
    W/ActivityManager( 1395): Force finishing activity com.fede.launcher/.Launcher
    W/ActivityManager( 1395): Activity pause timeout for HistoryRecord{40710430 com.fede.launcher/.Launcher}

  243. Joe Cruz:

    I am using launcherpro plus 8.6 and having problems with it? It is constantly freezing on me. I have a droid x running gingerbread. Is there a fix for this?
    Please let me know, thanks.

  244. Joe Cruz:

    Is there a fix for launcherpro plus 8.6? I’m Running gingerbread with a dx and my phone keeps freezing up. Please fix, thanks.

  245. lee:


  246. murlidhar:

    please bring option for horizontal scrolling in the app drawer

  247. Benjamin:

    Its been quite long and no updates seen. Please keep updating to have freshness to avoid becoming old.

  248. realmx:

    i get force close. :(
    htc sensation xe with Icecream sandwich (beta)

  249. Irvin:

    Google search bar isn’t working after I updated

  250. Irvin:

    Droid x keeps force closing after update

  251. Gaston:

    Could it be possible for the user to add more screens than just the 7 available??

  252. ostfried:

    please fix the non-auto-updating calendar widget in lpp. it’s really disappointing to have to push the button every day manually.

  253. geko95gek:

    Please start working on this launcher again. Seems like it’s been abandoned. Like a lot of Android developed things after the devs receive donations of some kind. :(

  254. fritz:

    this launcher is very useful but it has many many problems. please rezolve the problems

  255. Manfred:

    I love the launcher, and baught it. But would like to express two wishes:
    + Option to lock screens, i.e. not to be able to add/change/remove icons and widgets unless disabling this stting in the preferences. That would help to avoid changes when the children grab my device

    + posibility to change order of screens.

    Thank you

  256. T:

    Defect report. When the goggle search widget of an old version is used, the display of a widget moves to the upper part of a screen from an installation position. It returns to an installation position by screen rotation.

    Phone (sh-03c2.2) Android os(2.2)
    Goggle search widget (os2.1~)

  257. Ricardo:

    Best launcher for Android. However i stopped using it for not having horizontal scroll of apps. Thing is that almost every launcher.

  258. Nameless:

    Please continue this amazing app. This is the smoothest launcher on the web, why do you forsaken this child?

  259. SC:

    I love the launcher, but am having problems with adding widgets. I was able, at first, to add my clock and the HTC picture frames. But now it tells me that there’s “no more room on this homescreen” when there’s nothing there but the dock at the bottom! I don’t get it. Can someone help, otherwise, I will have to uninstall. Thanks!

  260. Joe C.:

    I get the message “Application not installed” when trying to update to both 8.5 & 8.6

  261. macknz:

    there is a bug in all Apps grid view of laucher pro when rotate to 270 or 90 degree (Android 2.3.4)

  262. macknz:

    … when rotation screen to 270 or 90 degree, all icons were placed togegher in uper top left corner,

  263. Polar Monk:

    I’m a bit sad. Paid for this app in the Android Market, but now it doesn’t seem to be updated anymore… Was running smoothly in the beginning, but had a lot of disturbances lately. I’ve switched to Go Launcher: more functions, beautiful and… for free! Shame on you!

  264. meow:

    y lp widget doesn’t work invalid key

  265. Myanmar Android:

    I like it & thanks
    ၾကိဳက္ပါတယ္ ျပီးေတာ့ ေက်းဇူးပါပဲဗ်ာ

  266. Siroos:

    Tank you for the App it’s very best

  267. Tony:

    Can you please add an option to make the drawer like ICS and include Widgets. Thank you

  268. Alimba:

    I’m trying to install it both from the market and from my SD Card but nothing happen. Every time the installation is unsuccessful.

    I have an X8 Experia with Froyo 2.2.9

    Do you know what’s wrong?

  269. Jose Medina:

    Every time I try to login into my Facebook account using the launcher widget it keeps on saying error invalid key why is that

  270. rek:

    question , is there an expiration hidden on free app? im curious about the rumors in this app, thank you.

  271. David:

    Help .. my wallpaper keeps getting zoomed in on after leaving app like angry birds. have to constantly redo the wallpaper i am using from my gallery.

  272. Cody:

    How do i download for icons for the home screen? Say for Facebook or Twitter

  273. Paul:

    Yeah, same problem here.

  274. Gerry:

    How come no updates for a year? Things OK?

  275. Julo Ceiz:

    Could you please resend my Launcher Pro Plus activation code? Thank you

  276. Hemerson:

    Hi, is it possible have the grid difrent? on horizontal mode? i donsen’t like vertical mode!!!
    Thank you

  277. franck:

    Great launcher

  278. tiesha:

    I need to know how to uninstall or delete launcherpro totally because everytime I hit the home button on my intercept it always goes to the launcherpro website…and because of that I can’t access anything like apps or can’t get to the settings….nothing….I really need to make this go away from being on my home screen….but can’t even access the options to do anything because wen I hit the home screen I’m back at freakin launcherpro website..plz help

  279. Omkar Ghaisas:

    Pls let us know if you have any updates on the updated version of Launcher Pro. Its been quite some time now, that we have seen any updates rolling. Would be great, if the best Launcher out in market, gets even better.

  280. Zeke:

    Just installed Launcher Pro Plus on new Galaxy S 3. Direct dial widget function won’t work. Creates an icon. However, when pressed, returns the error:
    “Could not launch the requested activity.”

    Processed Refund :-(

    Let us know when it’s fixed Fede, then I’ll buy it again.

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