First a little update on the progress of the rewrite: We’re still not quite there yet, but still making progress. The rewritten parts already show a marked improvement; for example, the rewritten app drawer scrolls smoother than ever before, even with some upcoming eye candy enabled (*hint, hint* :P ). I know a lot of you are anxious to get your hands on the rewritten version, but I think the wait will be well worth it. I seriously believe it will put LauncherPro on a league of its own since it’s not bound by the limitations of the code in the stock Android launcher.

Now, about the newly released LauncherPro v0.8.3, it brings one new, highly requested feature for all users:

  • Homescreen transition effects – You can now choose different transition effects to be used when moving through homescreens. Currently there are four effects on top of the usual side scrolling: Scale, Rotate, Flip, and Cube. More effects will come in future updates. (Menu > Preferences > Homescreen Settings > Transition effect

Click here to download the APK file

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